Thursday, December 08, 2005

Latest update on the Audi ABS Control unit problems. I spoke with a parts guy at the local Audi dealership and asked whether they get a lot of problems with the ABS Control UNits and he said yes absolutely. In fact, they have had so many problems that instead of selling only the complete control unit for about $1,400, they are now selling the electronics for $500 because that was the faulty part. I asked him why the company doesn't just admit the problem and do a recall and he shook his head and said he didn't know, but that it is a pretty common problem.

So I guess the good news is that the price to repair the faulty ABS control unit is now only $500 plus labor instead of $1,400 plus labor. But the bad news is that Audi still isn't stepping up to the plate and doing a recall, or at the very least covering the cost of the part when the faulty part goes out.


Blogger DHR said...

I filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Adminstration at

The more complaints they get, the better.

Please post a complaint and ask others to do so as well.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Mrs L M Tomos said...

I've got a VW Touran 54 plate and I've had to replace the ABS unit at a cost of £1500 unfortunately for me the 3 year Guanantee had just run out 3 months ago. I've heard of another VW touran an 06 plate also had to replace the ABS unit not only this I've also heard that 14 vehicles in one town that sell Skoda cars also have had the same problems with the ABS units. I think there should be a call back on these.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It appears that my wifes 53 plate Touran has developed this abs control unit problem too (along with assorted other faults). VW needs to do the right thing by it's loyal customers and redesign the offending unit and replace them FOC as they come to light. We have owned 7 VW/Audi's over many years all with legendary reliabilty until now - this Touran may be the last of the brand we buy! Not good enough VW!

5:04 PM  

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